What is Scopus index?

Scopus is among the most comprehensive argument and quotation sources of peer reviews, articles, lecture proceedings and publications for companies.

It underlines the indexation of journals which have high value and it is globally renowned for indexed journals.

What is Scopus indexed journals?

As we have already mentioned, it is one of the main repositories of research magazines and articles, indexing publications with the best standard of scientific publication. Reviews that have been listed in the Master List of Scopus are known as indexed journals.

How to check Scopus indexed journals?

Scopus provides an index journal collection so, as a reader, the correct journal can be quickly identified according to the subject matter. It has many publications in a related sector and scope.

You can search the journal as per the following.

You can scan easily if you have any of the above info. If you still can’t locate the appropriate journal according to your subject, you can use the “subject field” and choose the “Enter topic field” form.

You should be informed that you can enter the ISSN or Journal title in this search choice and review the list if you locate any article that claims to be indexed in Scopus.

Publishing protocol in Scopus indexed journal

Select the correct diary.

Scopus has listed several comments in its website, as we have stated. Pick your newspaper from the quest site. Go to the journal webpage to see the articles.

Pick the best journal.

Scopus has several articles in its collection, which we have mentioned. So, pick your journal from the folder for the article. Go to the journal’s home page to see what is open.

You can opt to go for an close Access Journal or open Access Journal as you choose. Most open access journals require you to pay an upfornt fee so that your article is published.

Have the report formatted

After you identify the best journal you then need to format your paper as per the guidleines provided by the journal. You can always ask for a sample paper or take a sample paper from the journal.

Submit the paper

After editing and formatting your paper you can now read the submmisiion process and follow the steps provided so as to properly submit your report

Prepublication notification

It usually takes 5 minutes to 30 days to get a notification regarding your submission. At times it can take you over 60 days to get feedback in some instances. The review process usually takes abnout 2 months and it is within that period where you will receive an approval or rejection from the editorial board.

You can also get some modification requests from editorial board

Copyright submission.

You will also need to transfer the copyright of your report to the journals and you will need to read carefully the copyright agreement before signing it and return to the editor.

If the journal has the Article processing charge then you need to pay it after getting the acceptance letter only and send the payment proof to the editor along with the copyright form.

Publication confirmation

Once the process is complete your article gets published and you will get a notification stating that yoyr article has been published.may get a publication notification of your paper.

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