Before I found out about technalite, I was at one of the most difficult times in my academic life. I was frustrated and confused and I was getting desperate because I thought I would fail my class which wouldn’t make sense if you knew how academically-focused I was in school right before.

I was engaged some of the hardest classes out there. I had a very rigorous workload and schedule in school and I spent tonnes of hours a day trying to ace my research paper, practicing piano, running track, and doing homework for advanced placement classes.

A few semesters into college, I was working part-time as a waiter and still, my workload was still rigorous.  How is this possible?

After sacrificing virtually my entire life trying to get into college, I was about to drop out at the last second after scoring poorly on my finals. I did a lot of thinking and decided I was taking in a lot of work and I was not passionate about some aspects of my classes. Moreover, the other classes weren’t appealing either.

On top of that, I had constant pressure from various sources:

  • My Asian parents wanted me to ace college so that I may get a good job — even if it wasn’t “my passion.”
  • The shame of being a dropout, which caused me to behave differently: I spent all my time plagiarizing essays, research papers I felt I didn’t “deserve” to relax. Whenever peers and strangers asked me what I was doing with my life I responded with vague answers.
  • The depression that seeped in from having no social life because I spent all my time studying.
  • Seeing my peers doing well and acing their classes.
  • Feeling like I was missing out on the “best years of my college.”
  • the hopelessness that popped up each time I sent in my paper and got multiple corrections
  • the doubt of never finishing college since each time I scrolled through my assignments I found pages and pages of instructions without finding one field  I was interested in.
  • the frustrating fact that I was a hard-working, high performing student before college and now couldn’t pass my college classes spending most of my time in the library even though my work ethic and willingness to work hadn’t changed.

All of these pressures resulted in frustration and desperation. This disillusionment lowered and lowered my standards over time.

How I Discovered Technalite

So I found technalite first through a friend, skimmed through their Facebook page and its YouTube content, and I found the information was really valuable. I started seeking for their help in writing my research papers and it was it worth it! I was able to release some of the pressure I was under and I have never looked back ever since. Whenever I get a darn paper I dont want to write I just email them or inbox them at


on Facebook at


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  1. Hi,
    I need help writing paper for my college, I am very poor on writing. I have 2 courses that require writing.
    1) Technical Communication
    2) IT caption writtinen project (I am thinking of CIA)

    Is there any way I can get help? I don’t have much time.

    1. Hi there? Kindly email and we can get started immediately

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