There was a time that I was pondering on changing my course even though it wasn’t the “right” academic decision.

All of my friends were hesitant about this idea and they shared ideas on they’d handle it.

However, what I decided to do instead may come as a surprise.

And I will share with you a “lethal mindset” that you can also use to make huge decisions in your own life.

So technically It would have been better if I had completed my course  because I had awesome grades and I was one of the best students. However, I wanted to move to another course (even though I would start a fresh) so I could learn new things and interact with new people.

I had some extra cash and therefore this wouldn’t have been an immediate hit … but from a strictly academic standpoint, I should have completed my initial course.

Nevertheless … I CHOSE TO DO IT. I made the move to change my course.

I had analyzed the situation as well but I chose to totally ignore the ramifications of this action and instead I chose to go with my gut. I registered for new units and started new classes months later.

Sometimes the decisions you make do not need a lot of debating and analyzing,    they only need to feel intuitively right. Several engineering students and economic students who will read this post will ask what about the NUMBERS??? This is because they hide behind Excel models which are based on numerous assumptions instead of studying human behavior.

My choice was not unplanned it came from looking at a pattern that I had seen among Top performing students over and over. They took risks that seemed crazy at the beginning but what their peers did not see is that these top students did not think about the risks.  

Big Misconceptions about risk:

Everyone usually thinks that anything risky is bad.

“If I hit on my long time crush, He or She will reject me!”

“If I buy bitcoin the market will crush and I will lose my money.”

“If I go out tonight I will fail my class.”

And thus several students continue living a life of fear and panic…..this fear usually makes these students to avoid moving forward and makes them move in circles around the same place. 

The lethal mindset that top students use include: 

Top Students have confidence in their capabilities therefore they can try anything immediately relying on their capabilities to guide them 

Will this always work? Not always! Moreover, even if it doesn’t work out  what is the worst that could happen?

This mindset is the key to success.

When did you last say that you will not do something because you were not ready?

Then when did you say, “F***k it I don’t care — let me try this and I’ll see what will happen”?

Which one made you feel in control?

(Incidentally, A semester into my new course I got an internship at one of the top companies in that county I did not expect this. But after I changed to this course I knew that I would need to push myself harder and I did.)

Sometimes it better to take the risk we all live one you know!!!!!!!

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