How to overcome Mental Fatigue with 3 simple tips


I never realised the true power of the mind until I read a book online one day randomly and started implementing the advise I read into my real life.

I cannot remember exactly what I read but it went something like this, “How you think of yourself is how you portray yourself to others”

Meaning that I had all the power to control my thoughts and actions. Thus it was up to me to present myself in a way that I would desire.

I took this advice and I began to see my life 9-and slowly but surely. After a few weeks, my life was improving. I started feeling more and more at ease with how I interacted with people. However, there were certain instances that I felt mentally exhausted.

During such times I would feel tired, moody, dull and I had a very tough time making decisions. It was during these times that I felt as if I was at my lowest.

I researched this feeling and I realised that I was suffering from mental fatigue. The books that were about mental health were long and voluminous. However, the information that I received was not complex as these books made it seem.

I was able to break down this information into 3 simple tips that can help you overcome mental fatigue. I call them THE MENTAL FATIGUE REMEDIES

1.Reduce the number of decisions you are making

This is because each decision you make has a consequence therefore when you are feeling mentally exhausted take a break and allow your mind some time to recharge.

2. Enjoy the outdoors
Scientists at Yale University discovered that there are different parts of the brain that light up when users go embrace mother nature. This releases all the chemical toxins built within the body.

3. Exercise
Twenty minutes can improve performance and short, intense exercise sessions can increase blood flow to the brain and improve your mood, memory, and creativity.

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