How to come up with a topic for your research paper

When writing a research paper coming up with a good topic will make your work very easy and you will finish the paper effortlessly. However, if you end up picking a bad topic you will have a difficult time coming up with content that will help you write your paper.

If you have a hard time coming up with a research topic use the following tips.

1. Read as wide as possible

Read as many journals, articles and previously written research papers on your field of study so as to firmly understand what the field of study entails. Understand all the theories and facts about your field of study so as to get a feel of how they interact and relate.


2. Find a gap in the research

After reading as wide as possible identify areas that have not been touched and try and expound on those areas. For example, you may be studying about HIV/AIDS and find out there may be numerous studies on the effect of HIV/AIDS on orphans but a gap may exist whereby there is no research on the effect of HIV/AIDS on adolescents. Another way to find a research gap is to focus on disagreements between scholars. For example; A scholar may say that the family background may lead certain individuals to abuse drugs. However, another scholar may refute this and say that the family background may help an individual avoid drugs in his or her lifetime. You may come up with a research topic investigating the impact of family background on a recovering addict.



Once a student conducts a comprehensive review of their field of study a research topic would be very easy to come up with since they will already have some questions that need to be answered. Thus they will have the privilege of conducting research and satisfying their curiosity.


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