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The uncomfortable truth about most students is that most of them would rather dream of getting funding than actually applying to get thousands of dollars worth of funding.

After a while they think that they need a nobel prize worthy project to get funding. But in reality the don’t!!! The reality is that students can secure funding for their projects without having to jump through hoops or knowing people in high places.

Below is a list of sizable funding opportunities that international students can apply to so as to get funding

Project Paradigm

This is an Opportunity for American, Canadian and students from all over the world aged below 18 years to take part in a competition that comes up with solutions to problems that affect the modern world. This competition was established to motivate students from all over the globe to come up with solutions to real world issues through values like collaboration, kindness and creativity. Those who emerge victorious will be eligible to win cash prizes.

Deadline: Ongoing

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Innovator Competition

This competition’s incentive is for U.S high school students to come up with innovative products. Those who emerge victorious will earn a total of $1,500 as seed capital for their company. This will encourage young students to focus on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking as a way of employment creation as a solution for unemployment.

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Cancer pathways competition

This is an Opportunity for USA students to participate in a contest for original compositions that describe a personal experience related to cancer. Eligible submissions are focused on either a personal diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one. Winners will receive prizes of $1,000

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Funding to Attend The 19th USENIX File and Storage Technology Conference

Grants to U.S., Canada, and foreign college and university students at approved universities to join a conference on technology. Support is intended to allow full-time students learning computer science to take part in conferences and relevant workshops. The USENIX Student Grant Program offers support to pay enrollment costs and assist travel and lodging expenditures, where appropriate.The preference for student grants is seen to:Students whose fields of study intersect greatly with the topics of the conference and who compose a succinct article (supporting statement) describing their studies and research.First-time candidates and others who have not earned a grant in the last 12 months.Students from organizations that are not usually represented at USENIX.Financial needs.Level of Degree (undergraduate, graduate)Students who all deliver a paper at the case and may not have alternative means of support at their hands.The 19th USENIX File and Storage Technology Conference (FAST ’21) will take place as a simulated event on 23-25 February 2021. Quick would put together storage device researchers and professionals to discuss new avenues in the concept, installation, assessment and application of storage systems.

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The Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest

Awards to U.S. undergraduate junior and senior students at approved four-year colleges and universities for distinction in essay research on the topic of ethics. Students could want to write on any topic that deals with an ethical dilemma, fear, challenge or issue. Topics of the recommended essay: Articulate with consistency the ethical question you have faced and evaluate what you and yourself have been told regarding ethics. Notice that the most insightful essays frequently focus intensely on a very important event or episode of one’s existence. Such a method may rely on ethical reflection on a variety of topics availabke on their site

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The Spencer Research Grant

Grants of up to $50,000 to U.S., Canada, and Foreign Scholars associated with non-profit agencies, schools, hospitals, school districts, or academic centers, for educational research programs. Funding is designed to help field-initiated academic study studies that address a variety of subjects and issues and aim to enhance education. The Limited Research Grants Program is “field-initiated” in that the applications are not in response to a particular proposal for a specific research subject, discipline, architecture, process or venue. The purpose of this program is to promote comprehensive, intellectually innovative and technically sound research that is important to the most pressing problems and enticing opportunities in the field of education. The Foundation aims to fund a grant that advances new fundamental knowledge that can have a lasting effect on educational debate.

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The Student Video Contest

Awards of up to $1,000 to U.S., Canada, and Foreign Students in Grades 6 through 12 for brief videos showing environmental or human health problems exacerbated by population development. Videos would concentrate on one of the following three global issues: Maintaining Water Systems, Ensuring Sustainable Opportunities and Enhancing Environment Resilience. The entrants must be digital footage, no longer than 60 seconds in duration. Videos must provide details about how demographic change effects the problem and at least one suggestion for a sustainable approach. Consider restricting the attention by focusing on the sub-theme of your topic. Possible sub-themes include: Promoting environmental justice – Food deserts, climate refugees, location of toxic waste facilities, impact of the fossil fuel industry, refining, mistreatment of aboriginal communities and resources, environmental racism. Strengthening Public Health – Access to health services, pandemics and emergency response, transmission of disease (zoonotic and vector-borne), maternal health, hygiene, health impact of environmental emissions Re-Imagining Manufacturing Processes – Sourcing of raw materials, waste disposal, brownfields/CAFOs, electricity generation, production/distribution of consumer products, workplace health and safety  

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 Grants for Black Computer Science Students

Grants to USA, Canada, and International college and university computer science students at accredited institutions to attend a technology related conference. Funding is intended to allow full-time students who are Black, African American, or members of the larger African Diaspora to participate in the conference and related workshops. The grant provides funds to cover registration fees and assist with travel and accommodation expenses, if applicable.The 19th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST ’21) will take place as a virtual event on February 23–25, 2021. FAST will bring together storage-system researchers and practitioners to explore new directions in the design, implementation, evaluation, and deployment of storage systems.

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