Cryptocurrency founders were once students who had big dreams and big ideas of becoming cryptopreneurs. Most of them didn’t come from Ivy league colleges or universities, they came from normal college and worked hard to get their projects off the ground. Let’s take a walk down memory line and see where these guys started out.

Vitalik Buterin-Ethereum Cryptopreneur

Vitalik Buterin is the Man behind Ethereum, the cryptocurrency that started the NFT buzz, he attended the University of waterloo. He packed his bags and said adios to the college in 2014 after the Thiel fellowship granted his project 100,000$. He went on to work on Ethereum and the rest is history. This computer science dropout is now worth over one billion dollars as a cryptopreneur and that’s what we call the power of capitalism.

Jackson Palmer-Dogecoin Cryptopreneur

Jackson Palmer is the cofounder of DogeCoin, the cryptocurrency that is literally named after a dog. They created this coin as a meme coin and they had no idea that the world’s richest man would one day tweet about it. When Elon Musk started actively promoting dogecoin Jackson was a spectator since he had sold all his coins. I’m positive that this must have stung him a little, being a “crypto cuck” myself, I know the feeling. Nonetheless, his story is inspirational: from a marketing student at the University of Newcastle to a Dogecoin cryptopreneur. That’s an incredible achievement and a true testament to the power of positive thinking. This shows you that the sky is the limit no matter what you are studying in college.

Charles Hoskinson-Cardano Cryptopreneur

Charles Hoskinson is the man Behind Cardano, the cryptocurrency that is being touted as a sleeping giant. He was also involved in the creation of ethereum but he left those “nerds” and went on to create Cardano. Mr. Hoskinson is a brilliant mathematician who has a clear idea of how the blockchain works. Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Colorado Boulder. He is estimated to be worth half a million dollars and that goes to tell you that not all multimillionaires are college dropouts. Take that Paul Brothers!!!!!

Gavin Wood-Polkadot Cryptopreneur

He is the man behind Polkadot a cryptocurrency that has the potential of overthrowing the rest. This coin allows cross-chain transactions and this makes it a game-changer. Mr Gavin Wood is what you call an astute scholar, Between 2002 to 2005, he studied at the Lancaster Royal Grammar college. He later obtained a master’s degree in computer systems and software engineering from the University of York. Additionally, he has recently finished his doctoral thesis titled “Content-based visualization to assist common navigation of musical audio from York as well. I hope he’ll use that Ph.D. to help musicians earn more. However, jokes aside y’all need to check out polkadot.

Brendan Eich-BAT coin Cryptopreneur

Mr Eich, I know everyone is asking themselves “who TF is this guy?” But the real ones know him, he is the founder of BAT coin. It’s a cryptocurrency that is backed by the brave browser, my guy Eich has created a cryptocurrency that a bozo like me can understand. It’s basically a cryptocurrency that will be used by the users of the said browser. Chrome and Safari need to take notes before my guy Eich puts them out of business. If you want to buy the BAT coin kindly CLICK HERE TO BUY BAT coin OR YOUR PREFERRED CRYPTOCURRENCY.

He is the guy who founded Mozilla and as an “investor”, I feel comfortable investing in his coin because I feel like he knows what he is doing. There is nothing wrong with the other founders, I like them all, but my money is on Eich the guy killed the internet explorer program. He studied mathematics and computer science at Santa Clara University.

Anatoly Yakovenko-Solana Cryptopreneur

Where are my ladies cause this founder is a CUTIE!! He is the man behind solana, the cryptocurrency that keeps on giving. Every time I check my balance on binance this baby is always green. When I get depressed about life I just look at my solana candlesticks and I smile. This university of Illinois alumni is not only good looking but also very brilliant, his project is one of the fastest growing. The platform is said complete 50,000 transactions per second and once I read that I decided to BUY BUY BUY. CLICK HERE TO BUY SOL coin OR YOUR PREFERRED CRYPTO

RAJ GOKAL-Solana Cofounder

Raj is the cofounder of Solana and my guy is a PIECE!!!! Moreover, his business acumen has seen the project run smoothly compared to the rest. Ladies you better buy that sol and slide into his DM cause this guy is the real deal. He studied finance at the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School. Hence, this background in finance has enabled him to make sound investments time and time again. As an Investor, I believe that Solana is in great hands and that’s why I have bought into the project.

Changpeng Zhao-Binance Founder

Last but not least is the GOAT my guy CZ, he is the man behind Binance. I use his platform literally every day to trade crypto. Without CZ I would not be writing this article he has made it very easy for anyone with a phone or computer to switch from Fiat currency to cryptocurrency. Anyone who is not on Binance is a crypto cuck, I view Binance as the Netflix of exchange platforms, it is easy to use and it accommodates everyone. Everyone starts out at coindesk but Binance is where the action is. My dude literally went from zero to a billion dollars in a year and that’s what we call Asian excellence. This McGill University Graduate has been able to create a massive platform that I implore you to check out. CLICK HERE TO BUY SOL coin OR YOUR PREFERRED CRYPTO.

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