Amazing student discounts you can get with a .edu email adress

         Amazon offers free access to Amazon prime to students  With an active .edu email you will be able to enjoy special student discounts on a variety of amazon products, two day shipping, prime video streaming and unlimited storage of photos. Spotify offers a 50% discount to students Spotify advertisements are usually […]

How to come up with a topic for your research paper

  How to come up with a topic for your research paper When writing a research paper coming up with a good topic will make your work very easy and you will finish the paper effortlessly. However, if you end up picking a bad topic you will have a difficult time coming up with content […]

Get assistance when writing your research paper

Before I found out about technalite, I was at one of the most difficult times in my academic life. I was frustrated and confused and I was getting desperate because I thought I would fail my class which wouldn’t make sense if you knew how academically-focused I was in school right before. I was engaged […]