Cryptocurrency founders were once students who had big dreams and big ideas. Most of them didn’t come from Ivy league colleges or universities, they came from college and worked hard to get their projects off the ground. Let’s take a walk down memory line and see where these guys started out. Vitalik Buterin Vitalik Buterin […]

Investing in cryptocurrency 2021 (for students)

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the cryptocurrency ecosystem is here to stay. Studying traditional forms of banking and finance hoping that bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, and Cardano will one day disappear to oblivion is lying to yourself. Instead of ignoring the crypto sphere, we suggest that finance students ought to reframe their thought […]


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GRANTS AND FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS 2021 The uncomfortable truth about most students is that most of them would rather dream of getting funding than actually applying to get thousands of dollars worth of funding. After a while they think that they need a nobel prize worthy project to get funding. But in reality […]

What Students can learn from the Democratic Presidential Candidates

  • As a student life is easy ,however, life does have funny a way of getting more complicated once you graduate and I am no exception.  For these candidates there’s too much going on for them and everything seems to be lining up for them. I hope to be in such a position before I get to may late 50s

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How to take Risks As A student

  There was a time that I was pondering on changing my course even though it wasn’t the “right” academic decision. All of my friends were hesitant about this idea and they shared ideas on they’d handle it. However, what I decided to do instead may come as a surprise. And I will share with […]

Famous IB Students

Justin Trudeau is the current Canadian Prime Minister. He went to the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal, and completed the course, he based his focus on  literature and education, where he went on to become a high, and later on went into politics Marina is a well renowned musician who is famous for her role as […]

How to overcome Mental Fatigue with 3 simple tips

How to overcome Mental Fatigue with 3 simple tips   I never realised the true power of the mind until I read a book online one day randomly and started implementing the advise I read into my real life. I cannot remember exactly what I read but it went something like this, “How you think […]